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A Guide to Buying Motorcycle Helmets

11 February 2020

A Guide to Buying Motorcycle Helmets

When biking, safety is just as necessary as the adrenaline rush that follows a good ride, as many of the injuries caused in motorcycle accidents could have been lessened if the rider was wearing the proper helmet. A ride is only as great as the comfort and safety of these necessary items, so it's important that riders understand the following guidelines when purchasing a helmet.

Pick Out the Right Helmet Type

Bikers should factor in safety, ventilation, cost, and the kind of bike they ride when deciding on the type of helmet they want. There are at least six varieties of helmets bikers can choose from, including full-face, modular, open-face, half, or off-road for bikers who love rough terrains and dual-sport. Deciding on the right style of helmet for their riding preferences is the first step in increasing safety on a motorcycle.

Keep Safety in Mind

A full-face helmet is one of the safest because it covers a large area of the head, including the chin and the cheekbones. These protect from the rain and the sun, making it easier for bikers to ride comfortably. A half helmet only protects the skull, leaving the rest of the face open, and poses a greater danger to the biker in case of an accident. By considering riding area, weather, traffic, and trip distance, riders can ensure they are choosing the best helmet for them.

Adhere to Legal Guidelines

Different areas have different laws regarding the types of motorcycle helmets allowed. For instance, when riding in Michigan, there are some freedoms in the kind of helmet bikers can wear. But in other states, such as California, riders need to wear helmets that meet the U.S. Department of Transportation and state safety standards.

Make Sure the Helmet Fits

Because riding is one of the best parts of a motorcycle owner's day, having a helmet that fits properly can ensure that the experience remains fun while staying safe. When trying on a helmet, riders should keep it on for 15 to 30 minutes and, If possible, take a ride while wearing it. By doing this, riders should have enough time to ensure that the helmet is comfortable and does not interfere with their vision.

The right helmet is one of the most important accessories a rider can have, and once you're ready to put on your helmet and go for a ride, Tecumseh Harley-Davidson® is your one-stop-shop. Our experienced technicians and dealers are equipped to service your bike or find you a new ride. To learn more about our bikes, parts, and accessories, stop by our showroom in Tecumseh, MI today.