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Three Tips for Making Safe Turns on a Motorcycle

27 December 2019

Three Tips for Making Safe Turns on a Motorcycle

Every time a motorcyclist goes for a ride, they have to execute a variety of turns. Whether wide or sharp, from a stop or at speed, new and veteran riders have to stay vigilant and pay attention to the conditions on the road. Here are three tips for making safer and more precise turns while on a motorcycle.

Think About the Turn Before Making It

Whether on a motorcycle or in a car, it's always a good idea to be thinking a few steps ahead while out on the road. When bikers make a turn, several factors come into play. They have to consider the turn’s angle, oncoming traffic, and weather conditions. Looking ahead to gauge the most difficult parts of upcoming turns will help motorcycle riders execute them efficiently and safely.

Adjust Speed Accordingly

When approaching turns, riders should ease off of the throttle and, if necessary, gently apply the brake. Bikers should maintain the same speed during the first part of the turn. At the halfway point or the final third, accelerating will help the motorcycle return to an upright position after coming out of the turn.

Practice the Proper Safety Habits

Good motorcycle safety habits are essential for staying safe, especially when dealing with long, winding turns. When turning, bikers should remain focused on the furthest visible point on the road while also keeping an eye on the other vehicles on the road. Also, finding a safe turning speed depends on several factors, including the rider’s weight, the type of motorcycle, and road conditions. Aside from driving carefully, motorcyclists should wear helmets as well as long-sleeved shirts and pants to keep them protected if they do fall.

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