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The Best Ways to Make a Motorcycle Faster

17 December 2019

The Best Ways to Make a Motorcycle Faster

Continued innovation in motorcycle technology has produced the most advanced bikes the market has ever seen. Despite that, gear heads still look for new ways to make their bikes faster. Fortunately, there are many aftermarket parts they can use to make customizations. Beyond making a motorcycle lighter, these modifications and upgrades can all boost a bike’s speed.

Upgrade the Brakes and Tires 

First, riders should upgrade their brake pads and think about buying steel braided brake lines. It also helps to have new brake discs and calipers that are as strong and light as possible. Once the brakes have been fine-tuned, the next step is working on the tires. New tires will always make an impact on a bike’s performance. However, many factors affect which tires are the right fit for a motorcycle, particularly its make and model. Riders should talk to their dealer and do research online to see what has worked well for other people with the same bike.

Adjust the Suspension and Fine-Tune the Gearing

Though it may not seem like a priority for speed, a bike’s suspension has a significant impact on its performance. The way a bike handles the rider's weight and body movements will affect its speed, and the right adjustments will improve its acceleration. Unless their motorcycle comes with a fully adjustable suspension, riders will have to invest in a new setup. Fine-tuning the gearing of a bike is another easy way to add speed. As always, the right gear ratio depends on the make and model of a bike. Beyond adjusting the ratio, purchasing new, lighter sprockets will also improve performance.

Swap the Exhaust

A full exhaust swap is a bit more complicated than most people think. It involves trading out everything from the mufflers to the headers. After going through all of that trouble, it makes sense to invest in the best system the biker can afford. The better an engine can breathe, the better it will perform. After upgrading the exhaust, riders will experience superior power, torque, and throttle response.

At Tecumseh Harley-Davidson®, we understand the tinkerer's mindset. Our parts and service departments can help bike owners in Mid-Michigan improve their ride's horsepower. We have factory-trained technicians who can deliver quality work on a wide range of motorcycles. If you’re interested in learning more about which upgrades can speed up your bike, call 517.423-3333 or contact us online.