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How You Can Make Your Motorcycle More Visible

26 September 2019


When it comes to safety, visibility should be a biker's top priority. Because of their size, motorcycles are easy for drivers to miss, which could result in collisions. Here are simple ways to make a motorcycle more visible and safer on the road.

Choose a Brighter Body 

Although black-bodied motorcycles may be stylish, they're also less visible from the start because of their dark color. Bikes in brighter colors such as green, yellow, white, or red are often easier for drivers to see. These colors will also be more easily illuminated by additional visibility measures such as lights.

Wear Reflective Safety Gear

Reflective gear bounces headlights back to drivers, which is why construction workers wear yellow or orange to stay visible in high traffic areas. An affordable, no-tech way to stay visible is to don reflective gear, including reflective vests, pants, jackets, and helmets, especially if riding a darker bike. Reflective tape can also be added on the wheel rims of the bike to add visibility.

Add More Lights

Although LED wheel lights or reflective underlighting may seem like it's only a stylistic choice, it can also greatly increase the visibility of a bike during the night. For maximized visibility, opt for LED lights that shine onto the ground which can make the motorcycle appear larger and more visible from a distance.

Use the Horn

When it comes to getting noticed, it's not only about sight. Using a horn while riding a motorcycle is an important way to alert other drivers of one's presence, and it may be a good idea to use it more frequently than one would while driving a car. This is especially useful when bikers are caught in a blind spot, where just a few beeps could make the car or truck driver check their mirrors.

Although comfort and style are important, safety is easily the most important factor when selecting bike accessories and customizations. If you're in the market for a bright bike or bike accessories that can help get you noticed in Tecumseh, MI, call Tecumseh Harley-Davidson® at 517.423.3333 today or view our new bikes and accessories online.