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All in the Family With Harley-Davidson® CVO™

23 August 2019

All in the Family With Harley-Davidson® CVO™

The Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Street Glide's Premium Audio 

Designed specifically with audiophiles in mind, the Street Glide's premium audio set-up provides clear sound even in the loudest of road conditions. Featuring three separate amplifiers pushing 75 watts per channel and six bi-amped speakers putting out 900 watts of precision audio, the highs and lows of your favorite solo will soar along with you through the roads ahead.

The Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Road Glide's Frame-Mounted Shark Nose Fairing

Already a brand synonymous with excellent handling, the Road Glide's frame-mounted shark nose fairing provides even more aerodynamic lean to cut through the wickedest of winds. When traveling the Sunset Coast or making way through the Tunnel of Trees, this bike will grip the pavement and glide like no other through whichever course its rider takes. Also, the sleek profile provided by the distinctive look of the fairing is sure to turn heads.

The Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Limited's Premium Heated Hammock Seats

In this day and age, Harley-Davidson® recognizes that there is no need to sacrifice comfort for performance. The CVO™ family pushes the upper bounds of power while sparing no expense in luxury. The Limited's premium heated hammock seats provide riders with a soft and comfortable ride while offering climate control. This feature isn't exclusive to the driver either—both riders get to experience the warm and supple feel this Harley-Davidson® features.

The Bottom Line

All of these cutting edge options prove there's no better time to ride than now. Visit Tecumseh Harley-Davidson® in Tecumseh, MI and pick out the ride that's right for you and yours. Our factory-trained technicians are ready to accommodate any issue that may arise in an efficient, precise manner. Don't hesitate—learn more about our CVO™ family of bikes today.