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The Best Gear for Riding in the Rain

03 July 2019

The Best Gear for Riding in the Rain

Lightweight Rain Suit

Rain clouds can develop quickly, so riders will want gear that can be easily carried and put on in a hurry. An all-sport rain suit does just that, offering a lightweight, totally waterproof protection system that packs away easily into a bike's storage until it's needed. A good suit is made with three layers of strong, non-woven fabric to keep riders bone-dry and protected from mud and other bad-weather debris.

Rain-Proof Gloves

In order to stay safe on the road, a motorcycle rider needs to be able to maintain a firm, steady grip on the handlebars at all times, especially during inclement weather. Split-finger gloves that are made from waterproof material can allow a rider's hands to stay dry both inside and out. Many are designed to be worn over a rider's usual gloves, are ultra-lightweight, and can be stored and transported with ease.

Boot Covers

Quality riding boots are an important part of a motorcyclist's wardrobe, and they deserve extra protection from the elements. Waterproof boot covers can come with an anti-slip sole and elastic cuffs that ensure a snug fit over a rider's leg and boot. Quality boot covers offer protection and are durable enough to last for many rainy rides.

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