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How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Spring Riding

21 May 2019

How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Spring Riding


Riders who store their motorcycles on the ground over the months in winter storage may notice that the tires may be slightly indented where they were in contact with the ground. To address this, bikers should over-inflate their tires to about 20 percent more than standard for at least 24 hours before the first ride. Tire pressure should be re-adjusted to its normal pressure before the first ride.


Any oils or filters in the engine and gearbox should be changed out before the first spring ride. Although cylinders treated with WD-40 should be fine to ride, if engine oil was poured into the cylinders, bikers should remove the spark plugs and place a rag over the plug holes and then rotate the engine. This can be performed either by placing the bike into second gear and rotating the engine with the rear wheel or by rotating the crankshaft by hand. Either operation should be performed with the ignition off


Brakes need to be cleaned with a brake cleaner, and the brake fluid should be bled from the vehicle at home or at a professional service appointment. Even after this precaution, brakes may not operate as quickly or effectively after prolonged storage, so bikers should be cautious on their first few rides out.


Just like the bike itself, the rider has also been off of the road for months! After such a long break, it's likely that biker's skills may not be as sharp as they were in the fall. This means that reaction speed and timing may have taken a hit. Ease back into riding with a slow pace and a simple ride that won't push the limits. Also, be aware of snowmelt or any ice that may persist on Michigan roads well into the spring.

Since spring is a time of change, many bikers may choose to do serious repairs on their bikes or even invest in a new ride during this season. If you're interested in any repairs, upgrades, or a new bike, view our inventory online or learn more by calling Tecumseh Harley-Davidson at 517.423-3333 today!