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How to Safely Ride a Motorcycle With a Passenger

23 February 2019

How to Safely Ride a Motorcycle With a Passenger

How to Get on the Motorcycle 

Before getting started, the motorcyclist should ensure that their bike can handle the extra weight of the passenger and that there are foot pegs and adequate room on the seat for an additional person. The driver should always brief the passenger about what to expect and what to do. Even if someone says they've got plenty of experience, it's better to be safe than sorry. Passengers should wait for the driver to get on and put the motorcycle completely upright before they approach from the left-hand side, which is the opposite side of the muffler.

When the Bike Is in Motion

Inexperienced passengers have a tendency to shift their weight, especially during turns. It is up to the driver to explain that they should keep their bodies as straight as possible, and look over their inside shoulder around turns. Passengers should hold the driver tight at all times, especially when braking and accelerating. Drivers should keep in mind that the increased weight means more momentum, requiring them to begin breaking sooner than they would if riding alone. The weight will also mean the stopping power of the rear brake is stronger, requiring a softer touch.

Stopping and Dismounting

Many passengers instinctively put their feet down when the bike comes to a stop. This movement can throw the driver's balance off and cause the bike to tip. Passengers should keep their feet on the pegs until the driver instructs them to dismount, which should be done just like the mount but in reverse: from right to left, with the passenger getting off on the non-muffler side.

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