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Product Spotlight: 2019 Harley-Davidson® FXDR 114

02 January 2019

Product Spotlight: 2019 Harley-Davidson® FXDR 114

A New Member of the Softail® Family

Harley-Davidson® gave its Softail® line a complete overhaul in 2017, outfitting new models with a range of reimagined body styles, Milwaukee-Eight® V-twin engines, and a lighter chassis. Now, the FXDR 114 joins the Softail® family. Inspired by a drag bike with the spirit of the VRSC V-Rod, which Harley stopped producing in 2017, this sporty model is one-of-a-kind.

Built to Capture the Imagination

The FXDR 114 will definitely turn heads. It features a new air intake, two-in-one exhaust, and a 19-inch front wheel bolted to an inverted fork. It follows this up with an impressively sized Michelin 240 rear wheel. This long, streamlined bike sports drag-style handlebars, which lend themselves to an aggressive, forward-leaning riding style; but the handlebars can easily be switched out for a more customized ride. The bike's frame is made of lightweight materials, with a total wet weight coming in at 668 lbs. The tail section and fenders are composite, and the swingarm and subframe are aluminum. Even though it's not a drag bike, this power cruiser channels the look, feel, and performance of one.

All About Performance

Perhaps what excites riders the most about the FXDR 114 is its performance. This bike offers 33 degrees of lean angle, giving it more corner clearance than any other Softail® model. The torque-heavy 114ci Milwaukee-Eight® engine gives the FXDR 114 serious power, and the sport-tuned components boost its performance. With remote preload adjustable rear shocks, four-piston front calipers with 300-millimeter discs, and internal free-piston technology, this motorcycle offers exceptional handling. The FXDR 114's upgraded suspension and 4.7-inch trail also make it easier to stop and steer than most bikes with its size, wheelbase, and large rear tire. These features make it easy for the FXDR 114 to absorb bumps in the road, giving it a smooth ride wherever it goes.

Schedule a Test Drive

If you like what you've read about the FXDR 114 so far, why not take it for a test ride? Tecumseh Harley-Davidson has several models in stock, and we’d love for you to experience its superior handling and performance. Call us today at 517.423-3333 or visit our showroom to check out our inventory.