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Dealing with Distracted Drivers on the Road

03 August 2018

Dealing with Distracted Drivers on the Road

Have the Right Mindset

For motorcycle riders, there really is no such thing as being too cautious. Treat every other vehicle as a possible threat and practice common safety precautions like staying out of other drivers' blind spots, using headlights as often as possible, and staying visible in other drivers' rear-view mirrors. Take it a step further and keep the horn and brakes covered in crowded conditions, and flash the brake light every time the motorcycle needs to slow down with just engine braking.

Recognize the Signs of Distracted Driving

Because they tend to draw attention to themselves, sometimes even holding the cell phone up where everyone can see it, distracted drivers are often easy to spot. Watch out for any unexplained slowing, swerving, and lane-changing or turning without signaling—these are dead giveaways that the driver is texting or fiddling with controls inside the car. Another major sign of distraction is when the car ahead stays motionless at a light even after it has turned green.

Always Remain Calm and Collected

Distracted drivers are infuriating, but no annoyance is worth the risk of collision, injury, or worse. Cars are much larger and more powerful than even the heftiest motorcycles, so fighting it out on the road is never a safe bet, no matter the other driver's offense. Instead of getting angry, try to treat bad drivers and other nuisances as funny and ridiculous—fight back with a simple shake of the head and a cautious escape.

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