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Prepare for Your First Motorcycle Purchase

03 August 2018

Prepare for Your First Motorcycle Purchase

Know What Type of Bike

Motorcycles can be divided into the following eight main categories:

  •      Cruisers, which are good for beginners since they are low to the ground and easy to ride
  •      Sport bikes, built strictly for speed, which can exceed 200 miles per hour
  •      Standard, the basic bike most think of when they hear "motorcycle"
  •      Dual-sport/ADV bikes, which combine the attributes of dirt and street bikes
  •      Touring bikes, built for comfort with options like air conditioning, stereos, and GPS and designed for long-distance travel
  •      Dirt bikes designed for off-roading
  •      Electric bikes built for urban settings
  •      Scooters that can travel up to 30 miles per hour

Decide Between New and Used

Both new and pre-owned motorcycles have their benefits. New bikes come with warranties and are free of the problems that might affect older bikes. Used bikes are budget-friendly and an ideal option for a new rider who is likely to add some scratches and dings.

Think About Weight and Height

When choosing the right bike, weight is a major consideration—especially since some bikes categorized as small in stature are actually quite heavy. A lightweight bike is most important for those who will ride in stop-start urban environments and highway traffic. Heavy bikes are designed for longer rides.

As for seat height, the rider needs to be able to place feet on the ground when the bike is at a stop. Heavy bikes with high saddles can be challenging to maneuver, especially for new bikers.

Get the Gear

Wearing the right attire for a motorcycle ride is a matter of safety. Purchase high-quality gear that fits properly, including (at minimum) a full-face helmet and motorcycle jacket with padding, along with protective pants and motorcycle boots. The right clothing is designed to protect the rider in the event of a crash.

The knowledgeable sales team at Tecumseh H-D® will be happy to answer questions and provide information that assists with a motorcycle purchase. We are a family-owned business that takes pride in outstanding customer service. Browse our inventory online and learn more about the great bikes we sell. Trades and financing options are available.