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The Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Breakdowns

03 August 2018

The Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Breakdowns

Bad Tires

Faulty tires are typically the biggest reason for the breakdown of motorcycles, and it usually can be traced to the lack of attention to tires before even leaving the garage. Premature tire wear is extremely common with bikes. It easily can be avoided by keeping a sharp eye on the tires and ensuring that they're always inflated to the recommended air pressure and don't exceed their tread life.

Contaminated Fuel

When a motorcycle has been inactive for months, the gasoline in its tank can turn into a gel that can threaten its fuel system. A simple choke may start the engine. If that doesn't work, check the fuel lines. If they're okay, it's probably a good idea to have the system reviewed by a professional.

Uncharged Battery

Many of today’s motorcycles are loaded with so many electronics that their batteries may not even respond to jump starts. At this point, it's time to purchase a battery charger that can be connected to the cycle after every ride.

Drive Chain Problems

The drive chain of a motorcycle transfers power from its engine to the rear wheel, and maintenance of this process is as essential as changing the oil. To support its performance, be sure all the links of the chain are tight and that the system is clean and properly lubricated. If the bike is inactive and inadequately maintained, slipping or breaking drive chain links can cause skidding.

Worn Out Brakes

There's no set mileage for brake cable life—some can exceed a few thousand miles. Problems arise when the wire rusts inside the cable, resulting in a tangle during braking. One of the tell-tale signs that the cable may be on its last leg is if braking still doesn't feel crisp after a tune-up. Make sure to also check out the brake pads regularly. More braking increases the heat of the pads and causes them to expand. Make sure hydraulic fluid is reaching the drums, and keep a sharp eye on the brake shoes.

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